library load never ends

I have a strange behavior on my mac because loading some libraries or sometimes starting Rudio takes hours even never stop? Ex:

still running after 4 hours

What to do ?

Possibly a missing dependency.


and report back.

In fact I did your suggestion but still the same problem, the dependency of plot3d is misc3d installed also but can't load too as some other libraries too.
I am facing a strange issue because updating to the latest Rstudio version can"t even load R. I am then using an older version: Version 1.3.1056 which can load R and at least many other libraries.

We can't help you with issues you don't share details of....
If you would like assistance in this area, I recommend you first please install.packages() those that are relevant dependencies, and if you have errors and don't know how to interpret them, please come back and share that information.

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