Letters in plot title overlap when viewed on mobile device

Hello ggplot-pros!

I am trying to produce a plot using ggplot, ggtext, and ggiraph in a distill blog post. It's an interactive plot with one word in the plot title in color.

The code below works fine as long as I look at the produced graph on a larger screen (laptop is ok). When I look at it on a mobile device, the letters are overlapping. Would be great if someone here has an idea.

I tried to isolate the problem and put it online here:

I had also put on a related question on SO and Stack, but to no avail (will post answer here if one comes up). I also have filed an issue at Github, but I haven't heard back for a while. Any idea? Many thanks


my_plot <- mtcars %>% 
  labs(title=glue::glue("this is a very long title, with many lines and a line <br>break etc etc etc, this <br>word is in <span style='color:red;'>red</span> or something else etc etc"))+
                             tooltip=paste(wt, qsec)))+

girafe(ggobj = my_plot,
       fonts=list(sans="Roboto Condensed"),
       height_svg = 5,
       options = list(
         opts_toolbar(saveaspng = FALSE))

Screenshot from laptop:

Screenshot from mobile device:

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