Let Posit Connect server use RStudio Workbench server resources

Dear community,

I really like the Git-backed content feature that Posit Connect offers (Posit Connect Documentation Version 2024.03.0 - Git-Backed Content) and I try to use it for all my content on Rstudio Connect, because it makes collaboration easy, and it makes my content transparent.

On my Rstudio Workbench server I currently have scheduled cronjobs for heavy calculation tasks. Though, I don't like that this isn't Git-backed.

Therefore, I would like to use the Scheduling feature that Posit Connect offers ( Posit Connect Documentation Version 2024.03.0 - Scheduling) instead of cronjobs. Though, then I run into the issue that my Posit Connect server is much less powerful than my Rstudio Workbench server.

Are there ways to combine the Scheduling feature of Posit Connect with the calculation power of my Rstudio Workbench server?

I have read that Posit does advice against placing Rstudio Workbench and Posit Connect on the same server, so this doesn't seem an option (Can I run Workbench and Connect on the same machine? – Posit Support).

Is this impossible to achieve?