Legality of creating R package to score psychological measures


I am thinking of building a R package that is used to score psychological measures/questionnaires/surveys that are: (1) free to use, and (2) their scoring manuals are free/open to the public.

I am concerned about the legality of doing so and have the following queries:

1). There are measures that are free to use/scoring manuals are opened to the public, but their actual questionnaire is copyrighted in the sense that I am not allowed to modify its contents. As I am going to take the questionnaires as it is, am I allowed to create a package to score them?

2). Does it make a difference legally if I put my package on Github for my own use versus publishing it formally on CRAN?

3). Do I have to seek every single questionnaire developer for permission to score their questionnaires if their questionnaires are available for free online and their manuals are opened to the public?

4). What about measures that are free to use/manuals are opened to the public, but whose rights have also been transferred to a questionnaire publisher? I assume that I would not be able to include these measures in my package?

Thanks and much appreciated!

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