Lee Carter Model. problem with "read.demogdata"

Hi all,i'm italian student in Actuarial Maths. it's the first time that i comment here. I place before that my english is not very good. I hope that you'll understand me :slight_smile: The problem is this: I'm working on R about the Lee carter model. I want to apply this model on a dataset of only males and not females! So first i downloaded from human mortality database:("http://www.mortality.org/cgi-bin/hmd/hmd_download.php") the life tables- Male. Then i extracted from mltper_1x1 the file iTAmltper_1x1.txt. I opened it with Excel, then i saved it. The format is always on .txt, but the content is clearer:

Then i imported the file on R:

ITAdata.male=read.demogdata("C:\Users\Mario\Desktop\ITA.mltper_1x1.txt",type="mortality",label="Italy male")


The output of the last command is:

"Mortality data for Italy male

Series: mx qx ax lx dx lx tx ex

Years: 1872 - 2014

Ages: 0 - 110"

Finally i tried to fit a Lee Carter Model and i had the following error:


"Error in get.series(data$pop, series) : Series mx not found Inoltre: Warning message: In extract.ages(data, min(ages):max.age, combine.upper = TRUE) : No population data available for combining upper ages"

I don't understand why Series mx is not found.. Anyway class of "ITAdata.male" is demogdata:


1 "demogdata"

Can anyone help me pls?

Thank you very much!

Ciao! ho problemi con lee carter anche io.. potresti aiutarmi?