Leave no selected date on Shiny daterange

I made a daterange in the code below, however as you will notice the start and end dates are already preset. Therefore, I would like to leave for both, "No selected date", as no dates has yet been defined.


Test <- structure(
  list(dat= c("2021-01-01","2021-01-02","2021-01-03"),
       X= c(5,4,0)),
  class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -3L))

ui <- fluidPage(
  shiny::navbarPage(theme = shinytheme("flatly"), collapsible = TRUE,


server <- function(input, output,session) {
  data <- reactive(Test)
  output$daterange <- renderUI({
    dateRangeInput("daterange1", "Period:",
                   start = min(data()$dat),
                   end   = max(data()$dat),
                   min   = min(data()$dat),
                   max   = max(data()$dat),
                   format = "dd-mm-yyyy")


shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

At best you can try NA (which will leave it blank) or something but it will not pass a conventional string there as it is expecting to be able to coerce whatever it receives into a date string format. You might be able to get that functionality from another package.

Either a Date object, or a string in yyyy-mm-dd format. If NULL (the default), will use the current date in the client's time zone.

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