LearnR tutorials not saving in Rstudio Cloud

Some students are not able to install the tutorial package onto their computer, so I setup a Rstudio cloud project for them to use. However when they stop the session after they work on it for a little bit (to save computational time and stay under the free time limits), it does not save their work.
Is this a bug?

That's possible. Can you elaborate a little more on what is happening? If you can provide detailed steps to reproduce, we can try it out.



Go get a copy of this project: RStudio Cloud
Save it to your workspace.
Open tutorial 2.1 , fill out a code chunk on like the 3rd page (aces or hearts)
submit, see you got it correct.

Then click the "stop" stopsign button to stop using computing hours.
Then restart the tutorial.
The work isn't saved.

The tutorial progress storage is based on the tutorial's ID. If your tutorial doesn't explicitly set the ID, then a default value is chosen based on a few things. It's possible that something about how the tutorial is run on RStudio Cloud is causing the default identifier to change with each run.

I think that adding the following to the YAML frontmatter of those tutorials this will clear up for your users, even on RStudio Cloud:

  id: math350_lrt_1_introR
  version: 1 # change the version when you want to invalidate past progress

If not, please feel free to follow up here or with an issue in the learnr repo.

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That did not resolve the issue. I will also put an issue in the learnr repo.

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