Learning Statistics need a tool to try out the ideas. Could that tool be Tidyverse?

I believe in learning Statistics and a programming language together as you need a computer language or at least Excel to try out the ideas. And I'm not sure if Tidyverse is suitable/enough.

There are many Statistics in R books but nothing for Statistics in Tidyverse. What's the difference and what's missing from Tidyverse for this propose.

I know Tidyverse is not everything but so far I haven't encountered a clear overview/explanation what Tidyverse can't deliver and how to connect whatever from the rest of R language to enhance the approach learning Statistics (primarily) in Tidyverse.


Is this book covering part of what you are looking for?

It is an Introduction to Statistical and Data Sciences via R that focus on beginner and uses the tidyverse as one of the tool.

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There is also this book:

It should cover at least part of what you want to learn.

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The tidyverse is a set of tools for interactive data analysis. The goal isn't to be self-contained, but, rather, to make working with other packages and data in R easier. tidymodels might give you a better sense of the ways in which tidyverse tools complement other statistical packages:

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Thanks Mara! Seems that's exactly what I'm looking.

It's a pain for beginners to properly ask questions. We usually don't know the suitable keywords or terms even searching for a long times.

Yeah I just got it from another post today! It looks great even still under development.

Yeah! How could I missed it. It's my first R that I'm studying with now.

Preaching to the choir! My favourite is when you're trying to describe a type of visualization. If you can't point to something, or doodle it out, it can be nigh impossible!