Leaflet and the tidyverse

I recently asked this question on twitter, but I thought to ask here again so that I have more than 140 characters :slight_smile:

I'm curious why the leaflet package isn't listed as part of the tidyverse.

I'm currently teaching a course on R. The first few days focus on tidyverse packages. Then I'm moving on to teach the leaflet package.

I think that a natural question my students will have it "Why isn't the leaflet package considered part of the tidyverse?"

I don't have a great answer for that right now, so I thought to ask here.

Thank you.


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I'm guessing it is not a key package for this workflow

If leaflet, why not DT and other RStudio packages?

Personally, I use plotly to visualize more than ggplot2 - but it's not an RStudio product

Not to speak for the tidyverse team, but I always saw these more as "presentation" packages than EDA packages, so they fit in the RMarkdown/Shiny Communicate step of DS. Also, they are technically part of the group of packages we usually refer to as htmlwidgets: http://www.htmlwidgets.org/


Thanks @edgararuiz, that helps quite a bit.

I wound up explaining the leaflet package to them as part of a suite of R/Javascript packages called HTML Widgets, and pointed them to that website to learn more.

It helped quite a bit.

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Totally agree. I think it should be. Same with the sf package