lazy-load database '../R/NymbulCredentials.rdb' is corrupt

I am trying to install a package from GitHub in support of deploying an app to If I download the package onto my machine, then it installs without issue. However, if I execute the command (in RStudio):

devtools::install_github(repo="rlmoore0/NMDeploy", subdir="NymbulCredentials")

then I get an error message: Error in (function (n) : lazy-load database '../R/NymbulCredentials.rdb' is corrupt

This GitHub repo is public, so anyone can try running this command from within R/RStudio with devtools installed. I am on a Windows box running R 3.6.3, Win10.

Any suggestions?

I have looked at questions from other people with similar problems and based on the responses to them, I have tried:

  • Running devtools::check() returns 3 warnings about documentation and imports, but nothing fatal.
  • Closing and restarting R/RStudio
  • Executing the command devtools::unload("NymbulCredentials")
  • Executing the command unloadNamespace("NymbulCredentials")
  • Removing the installation library the package is being installed to as referenced by .libPaths() and trying a fresh directory as the installation location.

The error still persists.