Layout has changed, can I change it back?

I've been away from the site for a little while and noticed that the layout has changed. It used to have categories on the left and recently active posts on the right. Now all I see are categories. I poked around in the settings to see if I could change it back to the old layout, but can't find an option. Is it possible to change my layout back? The old layout made it a lot easier to stay on top of new and updated posts!

The old layout had two columns, Categories ( on the left, and Latest ( on the right.

Now it just shows latest, but you can view categories by clicking on categories (on homepage >> top center-right button).

In your user preference settings ( you can change your default "Default Home Page", but sadly I don't see an option for the old layout (other than the global settings in admin). I'd at least make sure that setting is on Latest.

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Thanks! Looks like I lost my Regular badge too :open_mouth: