`LatticeKrig()` observation and prediction at same location aren't equal why?

I'm using the package 'LatticeKrig' for lattice kriging interpolation. I have observations at locations and would like to get predictions for new locations. I noticed, that if I use lattice kriging to get predictions at my observation locations, the observation values and prediction values aren't equal. Would like to know why this is the case or if I'm using the package/code wrong?

I use this Code:

obj <- LatticeKrig( Lv, MAv)
MApredict <- predict(obj, xnew = L)

Lv is a matrix with lon/lat coordinates and MAv are the observations at those locations
L are locations where I would like to get predictions (L also includes locations of the observations). MApredict are the predicted values

So my MApredict includes predictions at my observation locations but aren't equal to the observation values.

I'm new to R studios and would be grateful for getting help!

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