LaTeX Error: Command \researcheridsocialsymbol undefined.

I am getting Error (LaTeX Error: Command \researcheridsocialsymbol undefined.) while executing the below RMD template(Curriculum Vitae Awesome-CV format).

name: Marie
surname: Curie
position: "Professor"
address: "School of Physics & Chemistry, École Normale Supérieure"
phone: +1 22 3333 4444
email: ""
twitter: mariecurie
github: mariecurie
linkedin: mariecurie
date: "`r format(Sys.time(), '%B %Y')`"
output: vitae::moderncv

```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE, warning = FALSE, message = FALSE)

# Some stuff about me

 * I poisoned myself doing research.
 * I was the first woman to win a Nobel prize
 * I was the first person and only woman to win a Nobel prize in two different sciences.

# Education

  ~ Degree, ~ Year, ~ Institution, ~ Where,
  "Informal studies", "1889-91", "Flying University", "Warsaw, Poland",
  "Master of Physics", "1893", "Sorbonne Université", "Paris, France",
  "Master of Mathematics", "1894", "Sorbonne Université", "Paris, France"
) %>% 
  detailed_entries(Degree, Year, Institution, Where)

# Nobel Prizes

  ~Year, ~Type, ~Desc,
  1903, "Physics", "Awarded for her work on radioactivity with Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel",
  1911, "Chemistry", "Awarded for the discovery of radium and polonium"
) %>% 
    glue::glue("Nobel Prize in {Type}"),

# Publications

knitr::write_bib(c("vitae", "tibble"), "packages.bib")

bibliography_entries("packages.bib") %>%
  arrange(desc(author$family), issued)

One possibility is that there seems to be a recently discovered bug which produces this error with a similar R Markdown document

The package author recommends the following (though the OP there reports updating to the dev version didn't resolve the issue)

Thanks for the bug report. This should be fixed in ModernCV: Add missing font icon commands by marthinsen · Pull Request #177 · mitchelloharawild/vitae · GitHub, please install the development version and let me know if you still have this issue.


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