Latex Beamer to create reports


What is the best source to create dynamic report.

Latex Beamer

I thought Latex would be the best but I am not sure how is distinguished between Latex and Latex Beamer.

Please advise !

Rmarkdown interfaces to shiny, which is highly dynamic.

Latex is generally static; it will update every time you change the underlying data, but it's not what you'd want to call interactive.

Latex Beamer is a PowerPoint work-alike with the same limitations as Latex.

To see what can be done with shiny and add-ons, check out

Great, thanks for the information.
Was wondering can we create great Latex report with details and beautiful formats without Latex Beamer or Latex with Beamer is the better choice ?

Also is there a way to create pdf report that is interactive with Latex or Latex Beamer.

R shiny with Rmarkdown is nice, and thanks for letting me know more about it but it needs a host I think.

You're right that Shiny needs a server. (Not to mention the user discipline to stop playing with the variations and think critically about the problem. No rap on Shiny; inevitable GUI feature).

Think of Beamer as page at a time. Think of regular LaTeX as basically a typesetting/formatter for text and graphics in the style you might see in an academic journal. Pdf is the output of a LaTeX or pdf file.

It's a standard feature in RStudio Rmarkdown, which has a variety of LaTeX templates that can be installed. The "tufte" still is very popular, but even the default template allows you to output to pdf with inserting results of code as a "chunk" or inline.

Donald Knuth wrote the precursor to LaTeX when academic publishing changed over from hot lead type to phototype printing. He was unsatisfied with the rendering of equations, so he wrote a typesetting language. The basics aren't exactly simple, but able to be mastered. The fine grained, fresh off the press perfection is a calling that can totally displace your concern with the underlying content if you are not careful.

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