Latest update got me lots of slowness in RStudio due to qtwebengineprocess process in Markdown

I've seen some qtwebengineprocess posts in the past, but none lately.
I've been working with MS R Open with 1.4~ RStudio i believe and all was great.
once i upgraded to the latest RStudio version, my IDE started slowing down drastically so it's unusable, and i noticed the process qtwebengineprocess in TaskManager with 25% constantly.
simply scrolling the file causes stutters and freezes, let alone running a chunk and trying to look around and use the IDE.
Downgrading RStudio did not solve the issue, nothing did.
I ended up resetting my entire environment, rTools, R, RStudio, i moved to regular R (not R Open) in the latest version, RStudio latest version - and still same slowness.

i've already started using VSCode instead, but it's not as good as RStudio so now i'm totally stuck.
Any ideas?

Windows 10 by the way.
R Markdown file
Latest R (4.2)
Latest RStudio


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