Latent Class Analysis - Conditional Independence Test

Dear All,

I wondered if anyone could help with some latent class analysis (LCA) in R.

In particular, I wondered if someone could help regarding how to check the conditional independence assumption necessary for LCA, please?

My understanding is that there exists a log-odds ratio check (LORT) by Garret & Zeger (2000), but it doesn't seem to be a part of any R libraries I can identify.

Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated. I've attached some toy demo code from the poLCA package with K = 4.

Would appreciate all and any help, thanks.

f <- cbind(A,B,C,D)~1
M2 <- poLCA(f,values,nclass=2) 
M3 <- poLCA(f,values,nclass=3,maxiter=8000)
M4 <- poLCA(f,values,nclass=4,maxiter=8000)

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