Last date of previous month

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How can we get last day of previous month. Example, we are in Jan now. How can we get 2023-12-31 (Dec 31st) ?
Sys.Date() gives current Date. But how can I get last month's date using current date or month?

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This seems a little clunky but it gets the answer.

LastMonth <- Sys.Date() %m-% months(1)
[1] "2023-12-26"
make_date(year = year(LastMonth), month = month(LastMonth), day = days_in_month(LastMonth))
[1] "2023-12-31"

another approach might be to floor the current month and subtract a day

floor_date(Sys.Date(),unit = "month") %m-% days(1)

This is great!
Thanks @nirgrahamuk!

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