Laptop purchase help

Hello All,
I am a data scientist working with healthcare data using primarily R programming. Most of my analyses involve more traditional statistics (multivariable regression, bootstrap, cross-validation, imputation, etc.), but also some machine learning applications, geospatial mapping, and photo/figure editing. My budget is about $2,500. I am wondering about the pros and cons of the new 2020 i10 13 inch macbook pro with 32 gb of ram and 512 gb SSD vs. the late 2016 16 inch with 6-core processor and 32 gb of ram. I typically use an external monitor when working from the office, so screen size is not critical for me.

Would either be potentially usable for "moderate intensity" or exploratory machine learning applications? These would be mostly for datasets with thousands (not millions) of observations, or natural language processing.

I realize this question is a bit broad, but any thoughts are appreciated!

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