Labeling Cluster Analysis Results to save in a file

Hi All,
I have worked in a cluster analysis for a supermarket it looks fine, but I realize that I can see the label results in charts (dendogram with colors etc) but I need to cross labels results (cluster 1, cluster 2, etc) by store with my original clasification to share the differences (in a spreadsheet for example). Somebody knows hos can I add the cluster result to a dataframe?

Thank you un advance.

There is part of my work:


Aplicar cluster jerarquico

my.hcpc <- HCPC(datos, nb.clust = 0, graph = FALSE)

Graficar dendograma con el cluster jerárquico

cex = 0.6,
palette = "lancet",
rect = TRUE, rect_fill = TRUE,
rect_border = "lancet",
labels_track_height = 2)

examine the my.hcpc object, according to the documentation it contains:

data.clust The original data with a supplementary column called clust containing the partition.

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