Kupe - Data Explorer - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Kupe - Data Explorer

Authors: Te Hiringa Hauora & Uli Muellner (EPI-interactive)
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Abstract: Kia ora! Welcome to Kupe your data explorer provided by Te Hiringa Hauora, the Health Promotion Agency (HPA). Kupe lets you explore Health and Lifestyles Survey data about New Zealanders' views and experiences across several topics. The name, Kupe, is inspired by the chiefly Polynesian navigator and fisherman who, according to Māori oral tradition, discovered the islands of Aotearoa, New Zealand. After some difficulty catching fish off the coast of his homeland in Hawaiki, Kupe learnt of a giant wheke (octopus) eating the bait from his fishing hooks. Kupe set out to capture the troublesome octopus which led to a great pursuit across the Pacific Ocean, bringing Kupe and his followers to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Full Description:
Kupe presents results from the most recent survey, as well as changes over time for adults aged 15 years and over. Kupe aims to answer the following questions for each reported indicator:

  1. What is the prevalence (percentage) and estimated number of people affected, or what is the average (mean) for the total population and population subgroups?

  2. How do the indicators vary by sex, age, ethnicity, or neighbourhood deprivation? Ratios are used to compare males with females, Māori with non-Māori, Pacific with non-Pacific, and people living in most deprived versus least deprived areas. Ratios are adjusted for differences in age, sex, and prioritised ethnicity.

  3. What has changed over time? Where possible, we present results for all available years of the HLS to identify significant changes over time.

Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) data was first collected in 2008 by the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC). Before 2008 the HSC had a range of standalone surveys including Smokefree/Auahi Kore Monitor, Gaming and Betting Activities Survey and the Sun Protection Triennial Survey. In 2008, these surveys were combined into one survey - the HLS.

Face-to-face interviews for the HLS have been completed every two years since 2008.

The main target populations are adults aged 15 years and over, and parents and caregivers of 5 to 16-year-old children living in permanent private dwellings in New Zealand. Each survey year monitors changes in attitudes, knowledge and behaviours, and tracks changes in views about the social desirability and acceptability of various measures. The HLS includes questions about gambling, tobacco, alcohol, sun exposure, nutrition, mental health, and physical activity. Sections and questions vary across the survey years.

Kupe was developed by EPI-interactive and the Health Promotion Agency | Te Hiringa Hauora (HPA). HPA appreciates precedents shared from the Annual Data Explorer, which was co-developed by EPI-interactive and the Health and Disability Intelligence Unit at the Ministry of Health.

Data used in Kupe would not have been available without the support and enthusiasm of many individuals, including the people who gave their valuable time to participate in the HLS and the interviewers collecting the data.

Category: Research
Keywords: Survey, Data explorer, Health and Lifestyles Survey, Alcohol, Eating, Gambling, Maori cultural identity, Mental health, Well-being, Sun exposure, Tobacoo
Shiny app: https://kupe.hpa.org.nz/
Repo: GitHub - HPA-Digital/Kupe-Shiny-Contest-2020: Submission to the 2020 Shiny Competition
RStudio Cloud: https://healthpromotion.shinyapps.io/kupe/


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