Knitted file changes name on download

When I knit foo.rmd to Word, it shows up correctly as foo.docx in the files tab. But when I download it, the downloaded file is always named file_show, with no extension. The file is otherwise correct and, once renamed, is correctly handled by the local OS. But it's an annoyance to explain what's happening and how to deal with it to students new to coding.

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When you knit foo.Rmd to Word format, if the Rmarkdown code completes successfully, the file foo.docx should be opened and displayed immediately in Word. There is no need to do a separate download and/or rename - the Word file already exists in the working (or project) directory. If this isn't happening for you, then something out-of-the-ordindary is going on. Have you changed any settings? Is Word installed on the machine?
Could you post the offending foo.Rmd for testing?

***Edit: just noticed you are using RStudio Cloud - not sure how that changes things.


Thanks, David - Yes, this is all about rstudio cloud. My desktop rstudio works just fine.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I've reproduced this locally and brought it to the attention of the dev team.


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