knitr fails with the newest Python interpreter option in RStudio 1.4

In Rstudio 1.4 there is a global option for python interpreter. When I run a chunk of Python code in Rmd-file everything works fine with this interpreter. But when i try to knitr this Rmd-file to HTML the first chunk of Python-code fails with error:

Error: Installation of Python not found, Python bindings not loaded.
Use reticulate::install_miniconda() if you'd like to install a Miniconda Python environment.

Knitting happens in a clean R session that doesn't have your Python config. We should probably inject your Python config into that session; comment/upvote here:

Until that's fixed, you could work around it by adding the appropriate use_python to your document's setup chunk.

Thank you for reply. Hope for fast fixing.

Wish granted! This change will shortly be available in our daily builds (v1.4.1556 or higher):

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