knitr error message

I cant edit the first line, and error never disappears: processing file: ONrates0422simple.Rmd"

It persists, even when I change to quarto.  restart R doesnt help.  cache=FALSE didnt help
(*) NOTE: I saw chunk options "fig.caption= "Sample rates 3/4/2016-12/14/2023"echo=FALSE,results='asis'"
 please go to
 (it is likely that you forgot to quote "character" options)
Error in parse(text = code, keep.source = FALSE) : 
  <text>:1:55: unexpected symbol
1: alist( fig.caption= "Sample rates 3/4/2016-12/14/2023"echo
Calls: <Anonymous> ... parse_params -> withCallingHandlers -> eval -> parse_only -> parse
Execution halted

Older same topic:

```{r, echo=FALSE, fig.cap = "Sample rates 3/4/2016 to 12/14/2023",   results='asis', cache=FALSE}
boxplot_sample <- data.frame(
  Group = structure(1:4, .Label = c("EFFR", "TGCR", "BGCR", "SOFR"), class = "factor"),
  y0 = c(Estats[5], Tstats[3], Bstats[3], Sstats[3]),
  y25 = c(Estats[6], Tstats[4], Bstats[4], Sstats[4]),
  y50 = c(Estats[1], Tstats[1] , Bstats[1] , Sstats[1]) ,
  y75 = c(Estats[7], Tstats[5], Bstats[5], Sstats[5]),
  y100 = c(Estats[8], Tstats[6], Bstats[6], Sstats[6]))

bsample <- ggplot(boxplot_sample , aes(x = Group,
                                       ymin = y0,
                                       ymax = y100,
                                       lower = y25,
                                       middle = y50,
                                       upper = y75,
                                       fill = Group)) +
  labs(caption = "Sample 3/4/2016-12/14/2023", x = "",  y = "Basis Points (bp)", color = "Rate", shape = "Rate") +  
  geom_boxplot(stat = "identity") +
  theme(panel.background = element_rect(fill = "white"),
        plot.background = element_rect(fill = "white"))

Hi, let's try to improve your question so people could help you:

  1. We need some data in code, we cannot run a code calling for 'Estats[5]` to see what's wrong if we don't have such variable.

  2. Please separate your question and comments from the block of code.

  3. You cannot just switch from RMarkdown to Quarto, block structure is different between them.

  4. The error points to the word echo - which should be placed after '#/' in Quarto.

Please edit or repost the question in away we can copy-paste the code and see the errors.