Knit Setup / MiKTex version

From RStudio (Windows), created a new R Markdown document and tried to knit it to a PDF. It failed. The background is that this is not my computer. Rather it's a new colleague I am introducing to R. He just installed R, RStudio, a bunch of packages, and MiKTex.

In my investigation, I ran across an RStudio message that a "complete" version of MiKTex needs to be installed. On the MikTex download page there doesn't seem to be such a version. Can anyone tell me which version we should use?

Hey @rmacey! As far as I'm aware, the simpler option these days is to install tinytex. The installation can done entirely in R:

# install the R package

# setup the external stuff and configure

I've generally found tinytex to be much less of a headache than a full LaTeX installation, so I wholeheartedly recommend it :smiley: