Knit button in RStudio only calls render_site()


I noticed that when I click the "Knit to PDF" or "Knit to Word" options in the Knit pulldown menu, RStudio will run rmarkdown::render_site() in any case, so I'm only getting HTML outputs. If I use rmarkdown::render() manually in the console, everythings work fine.

These is the YAML section in my .Rmd:

title: "COVID LUS Stats Report"
    toc: yes
    fig_caption: yes
    toc: yes
    fig_caption: yes

Can anyone explain how the Knit button got overridden and how can I get it back?

Update: obligatory screen capture gif:
CleanShot 2020-11-08 at 08.34.32


Hi @mbac,

RStudio is probably using rmarkdown::render_site() instead of render() because you have named your file index.Rmd which is a naming convention for websites. Do you have a _site.yml file in the same directory?

Based on the pandoc command, it looks like it is still rendering out the word document --output index.docx, or at least named as if it were a Word doc.

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It would use render_siteinstead of render if the file is called index.Rmd AND there is a site: field with a render function. Otherwise, it would be if there is a _site.yml file present in the project root file as you said, and it that case the default rmarkdown website renderer would be used.

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Thank you both for the explanations, there is indeed a _site.yml file in the root folder. I’ll change the .Rmd file name before knitting to Word…


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