Keyword colors in source editor

Some themes such as Tomorrow Night Bright will change the color of the word "TODO" when it appears in a comment (e.g., # TODO). I'd like to have this happen with other words such as "NOTE", "WARNING", etc. to catch my attention when reviewing my code. I'm guessing this must be controlled by a list of keywords but I can't seem to find such a list or any other way of achieving this via a custom theme.

There is a dictionary file of keywords in the R directory (on my machine: C:\R\Current Version\share\dictionaries\en_stats.txt" which contains the word "TODO", but none of the other words in that file appear in a different color when included in a comment.

Does anyone know if there's a way to achieve this?

So I've found the dictionary - it's locked away in (on my machine):

All the hi-lighted syntax keywords are in there, including "TODO" and "FIXME". Since I don't know anything about working with Java script or web pages, I guess there ain't noth'n I can do :frowning:

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This is where we do that highlighting:

If you're inclined, we would welcome a pull request adding some of these new terms! The RStudio repository is available at

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