Keyring behaviour on Ubuntu RStudio Server

Hey R loveRs,
I never had any issues with using the keyring package on my local Rstudio Windows installation. However, I'm struggling with two issues on my Ubuntu Server installation.

1. Md5
I'm using a keyring R to store credentials for my applications. However, whenever I create or access a key, I get the following warning:

Warning messages:
1: In structure(.Call(C_Rmd5, files), names = files) :
  md5 failed on file 'R'

I guess this means that my credentials are not saved encrypted but unencrypted, correct? I got the same behavior with setting options("keyring_backend" = "file"). I made sure that both libsodium-dev and libsecret-1-dev are installed on the system. Any idea what is going on here?

2. Keyring keeps getting locked
On my Windows installation, I had to unlock each keyring once per system reboot. However, I noticed that any keyring on my Ubuntu Server Installation is getting locked every new session. Furthermore, also when running the package tests (i.e. CTRL+SHIFT+T) I need to manually unlock the keyring in order for the tests to work. This is somewhat annoying, as it requires me to add keyring::keyring_unlock to my code.

Why is there this difference of the keyring package on different OS? Is there any other way than providing a .Renviron file with the keyring password in plaintext for my Ubuntu RStudio server installation? Also a "Renviron" file is a risk in my eyes, because the keyring password is lying around unencrypted and in plain text in a file.

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