Keyboard stuck in R Studio

In general, whenever reporting issues like this you should include your operating system, and the versions of R and R studio you are running.

Also, some additional debugging advice. Try to isolate the problem as much as possible.

It happens in R Studio, great... Where in R Studio? Check:

  1. Console
  2. Terminal
  3. Source Editor
  4. Searching the Help tab
  5. If you make a New Project, in the text box where it asks for a Directory Name, does it happen there too?
  6. Is it all the keys or just some of them? Test, if not all of them, several.
  7. You tried rebooting, what about another user account? Create a new user, log out and log in with the new account and try again.

I have absolutely zero idea why you would get repeated keys only in R Studio, but all of these things might help someone who would have an idea know what the right answer for you is.

Last thing I am going to suggest because I just learned about it yesterday and it appears to solve all the things R Studio IDE related.
From @andresrcs