Keyboard shortcuts

Let's be honest, what keyboard shortcuts in RStudio do you use? What do you remap to other keys?

I would ask what do you wish for, but it's pretty easy to turn any common action/menu button into a keyboard shortcut.


I really don't use very many considering what's possible. I use:
ctrl/cmd + enter - run R code line/block in R console
ctrl+alt+enter - send non-R code to terminal (as of v1.1.3xx)
ctrl+1 - jump to source
ctrl+2 - jump to R console
ctrl+W - close source tab
ctrl+shift+N - new source document
ctrl+shift+C - comment out line
ctrl+shift+R - insert section break (useful with outline enabled)
ctrl+alt+i - insert empty Rmd chunk
alt+- inserts the <- (which I like because it adds the spaces for me)
ctrl+shift+M inserts the pipe operator %>% (so hard to type, such a great shortcut)
ctrl+D deletes entire line (this is usually ctrl+k in other editors but is curiously mapped to Yank line after cursor in RStudio instead)

That's pretty much all I use other than standard copy/cut/paste/save/open/undo/redo ones. I've used others, but tend to forget them due to lack of use. Anything really useful I'm missing from my repertoire?


I use a lot:

  • Ctrl + Enter
  • Ctrl + Shift + n
  • Ctrl + s
  • Alt + -
  • Ctrl + Shift + r for a section breack
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + m for rename all variable entrance
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1, 2 or 0 for switching between Console and RScript (very usefull during the class, when I should increase the font size)
  • Ctrl + Shift + b for rebuilding package

I remap

  • Ctrl+p for pipe %>%
  • Ctrl + r for new R chunk insertion
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Novelty bias alert, as I literally only figured this out two days ago, but:
Shift+Tab for snippets in Rmd (same in other source code, but no autocomplete/showing up with the cursor in md)


I somehow missed shift+tab for snippets. I use snippets and have my own, but I always just start typing the snippet name. I'm sure I'm missing out on the ones I can't remember and am going to start using that shortcut.


Ctrl + shift + a to reformat sections alot. Especially during code reviews


Ctrl/cmd + Shift + P to re-run the previous region <- I find myself using this all the time!!
Ctrl / Cmd + Option + P


Cmd + Shift + M
[custom] alt + Left Arrow for assignment operator
Cmd + I
Cmd + Shift + A
Cmd + Shift + C

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Does anyone know what Alt+C is mapped to? My R Studio Server somehow catches this shortcut, without seemingly doing anything.

On the Czech keyboard (we have a lot of accented characters, so space is limited) this shortcut is mapped to ampersand (&) which is kind of useful in R, and I am at loss at how to reset the mapping.

On a cheerful note: the person who invented the code snippet r + Shift+Tab in Rmarkdown should be given his weight in gold by some benevolent despot; I don't think I have written a backtick since discovering it.

EDIT: I have found that if I reset the shortcut to execute current RMarkdown code chunk (which was not mapped to Alt+C) I regain the ability to write ampersand character. I have no idea how it works, but I am glad it does.

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I think the only shortcut that came premapped that I use is for commenting out chunks of code: Ctrl+Shift+C

I then have three custom mappings which I use all the time:

F3 - Run highlighted code
F4 - Run entire code script
F5 - Knit .Rmd Files

Edit: I came up with these as I was used to SAS Programming before switching most of my efforts to R & RStudio. In SAS, F3 also runs the highlighted code chunk and so it expanded from there based on habit.

  • Alt + Shift + ↑/↓ to duplicate lines (code duplication is to be avoided, but...)
    (just discovered Ctrl + Shift + D that does almost the same)

  • Alt + ↑/↓ to move line(s): very often one I've just duplicated, or can be a code chunk, or a single line in a %>%-line, or reorder my library() statements, that kind of things

  • Ctrl + Shift + F to "grep" code in my project (especially in the context of Discerning intra-code dependencies)

  • F1 for help

  • F2 for definition

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It is more a keyboard shortcut that goes with using RStudio, than a RStudio shortcut, but yesterday I spent a bunch of time mourning that I had not know the keyboard shortcut on a Macintosh for copy the POSIX path of the select file in Finder is Command + Option + c

That is one that would have saved many many hours when writing scripts.

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Thanks a bunch. This is super useful!

Besides the shortcuts for running code and building packages, definately f2 (go to function source)

cmd + shift + M
alt + shift + T
ctl + 2

Cmd + shift + K for markdowns all day

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I mapped alt + - to the assignment operator β€œ<-β€œ and it has made life soooo much easier

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I use this one a lot. Except I use the default hotkey option + - . I think I use the pipe hotkey the most though, command + shift + m


Ah you know what, I use the default for assignment also :slight_smile: I actually meant to say I re-mapped the pipe to command + .

Makes it just that bit faster instead of having to hold down three keys

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I see the assigned keyboard shortcuts, but is there a URL for shortcuts that haven't been assigned yet?

I see the list in the IDE itself, but it would be handy to have it on a web page that I can refer to.