keyboard shortcut to run @examples?

When developing new R functions, I continually reload the function ("cmd + enter"), but then I want to run the examples in @examples in the function's roxygen2 docs. For example:

#' My new function
#' @examples
#' my_function()
my_function <- function(){
  2 + 2

I can load my function easily via "cmd + enter" (cursor at the first or last line of the function), which moves my cursor to the end of the function.

I then want to run my_function() from @examples, but I have to move my cursor up to @examples, which arduous for long functions.

I can't find the keyboard shortcut for auto-running the code in @examples. Any help would be appreciated!

Unfortunately this is difficult to solve in general, because a function might be documented in another manual page, a roxygen chunk does not always correspond to a complete manual page, etc.

Maybe you could write an addin for the simple case.

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