Keyboard shortcut to minimize/maximize panes?

Anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to minimize/maximize a window pane in RStudio? I would love to be able to Ctrl+1-2 back and forth between the Source Pane and the Console Pane, and then occasionally maximize the Environment or the File pane to check for objects in the environment before minimizing again, etc, all from the keyboard. I know you can build your own custom shortcuts to some extent, but I haven't been able to figure out how to add this one.


Are you familiar with the shortcuts for the commands under View => Panes? The various Zoom commands allow you to maximize a single panel at a time. Since it sounds like you want to be able to view the Source and Console panes simultaneously, you would probably want to start by sliding the vertical separator to the right (hiding all of the right-side panes). Then, press Ctrl-Shift-5 to see the File pane, and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-0 to go back to the Source/Console view.

You can also change any of those shortcuts in the keyboard shortcut modifier.


I was not aware of the View => Panes keyboard shortcuts! This is exactly what I was looking for thanks!! Although the way I have my panes organized (Source on the left, Console on the right, sort of like an emacs setup) it still doesn't do minimize once I've brought them up, just zoom...

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