Keyboard runaway problem


I have problem with keyboard uncontrollably repeating keystrokes within Rstudio. I am using ubuntu on Windows 10 subsystem. After some inputs, a certain keystroke suddenly repeats itself with no way to stopping it. I would typically have to kill the Rstudio process.
I tried downgrading it, tried different R versions. It won't go away.
Any help would be appreciated.

Just to be clear, this only happens in RStudio? No other program on your computer exhibits this behaviour?

Hi tbradley,

Yes, other part of computer behave normally. I also tried using Windows control panel keyboard option to turn off key repeat. Then terminal inputs respond accordingly (no automatic repeats after long press) but this change has no effect within Rstudio.

Thanks for your help

Not a fix. Just a potential way to maybe ease things off:

When this happens, have you tried to hit your <Backspace> key?

For reasons that I could never figure out, I have some key repeat problems once in a while, with certain keys, in my Arch Linux installation. I eventually gave up on looking for a fix for it and accepted to live with it. But I can stop mine by pressing <Backspace>. So it isn't that bad. Just a moderate annoyance. This is obviously no satisfying solution and I hope you find the fix for yours. But in the event it would save you from having to kill RStudio each time, I thought that I would throw it out there.

Hi prosoitos,

Thanks, I probably hit backspace when I hit all keys but not specifically. It is good to know it happened to you as well. I will try hitting backspace next time.

Best regards,

Note that my problem is not in RStudio and is totally unrelated (I wasn't very clear in my post). I was just sharing a trick that helps me live with an issue I was never able to fix. Looking into my problem, I realized that runaway keystrokes can have countless root causes hard to pinpoint and can thus be particularly hard to debug. Yours at least is localized (only in RStudio), rather than OS wide.

Anyway, good luck with it!!

Update: after a couple of weeks, the problem did subside. No clue about the source of problem. If it ever happens to you, be patient.