Keeping one label per group in a barplot

Hi. I had to do a barplot of the mean abundance of 12 differents species at 3 differents sites. I managed to obtain a single barplot with a colour corresponding for each site. However, when i had to name the labels, the species labels are changing even though the specie is the same.

On the picture i posted, each group of 3 bar should correspond to a single specie but i stuck on how to code it.

DAR_p <- DAR$abondance[,1]

PLM_p <- PLM$abondance[,1]

PLI_p <- PLI$abondance[,1]

combine <- rbind(DAR_p, PLI_p, PLM_p)

names <- unique(data$espece)

bar <- barplot(combine, beside = T, ylim = c(0,70), col = c("blue","green",
names <- unique(data$espece)

text(bar, par("usr")[3], labels = names, srt = 45, adj = c(1.1,1.1), xpd = TRUE, cex=.9)

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