kableExtra with formattable to add icons

I want to combine formattable and kableExtra to add icons (check marks) on a table. It looks like formattable can do this with

                list(TSI = formatter("span",
                                     style = x ~ style(color = ifelse(x, "green", "red")),
                                     x ~ icontext(ifelse(x, "ok", "remove"), ifelse(x, "Yes", "No"))

such as from https://github.com/renkun-ken/formattable

and kableExtra allows using color_tile and color_bar such as described here: http://haozhu233.github.io/kableExtra/use_kableExtra_with_formattable.html

However, I can't figure out a way to combine the other formattable functions, such as icontext into a kable table.

Has anyone had success doing this? Ultimately I just want to make a pretty table with checkmarks rather than 1/0 or T/F data columns.

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