kableExtra kable_styling(latex_options = "hold_position")

I tried using

kbl(dat1, booktabs = TRUE)  %>% 
  kable_styling(latex_options = "hold_position")

in Quarto and it is not working well. I am getting a [!h] at the toprule and it appears than Latex is interpreting * "hold_position"* as "bottom" rather than "here. **latex_options = "HOLD_position" ** works.

See screenshot:

My Quarto code is below. Note the lipsum text is just a copy and paste from another file.

title: "Exercise 2"
author: "Anon."
format: pdf
editor: visual

## Introduction

#| label: setup
#| include: false
library(tidyverse); library(kableExtra)
dat1  <- data.frame(xx = 1:5, yy = 5:1)

This is an MWE of a problem I am having with using kableExtra. @tbl-booktable is not rendering correctly.

#| label: tbl-booktable
#| tbl-cap: Booktable Example
#| echo: false
kbl(dat1, booktabs = TRUE)  %>% 
  kable_styling(latex_options = "hold_position")

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Can you format your Qmd content correctly so that I can copy paste without issue ?

FAQ: How to Format R Markdown Source

Also, please to try latest version Quarto available at quarto.org .

Problem solved. I had not realized that their was a new version of Quarto. Quarto 1.2.280 has cured the problem. Thanks.

Sorry about the formatting, I seem to have done something that screwed up the paste. I just reproduced it one and now cannot repeat it.

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