JSON as input value: update on API?

Hello there,

I would like to "feed" my shinyapp with information embedded in a JSON object through a POST request. For example, a simple form on a site A (outside the app obviously) would redirect to my shinyapp and provide the app with the info in the form.

When I try to do so, it appears that shiny prevents connections made through a POST request (nothing but "Not found" displays, whereas if I copy/paste the URL it works fine).

I know such a behaviour has been implemented on a dev branch (feature/api), and even mentionned during last year rstudio conference, but there has not been any news on for a year. Any update?

Even if it is not supposed to be released, can you explain why shiny behaves like that when called through POST request? I have seen that you were able to treat the POST request case on the source code of the feature/api branch, but I have not been able to do the same.

I do not mind digging inside the dev code, but if you have any tips/clues that would be really appreciated !

Thank you