jpeg, png, tiff and rtf R packages not getting installed

We have client/server R installation for about 400 packages for the version 3.5.1 .
We are running into problem with 4 packages - jpeg, png, tiff and rtf.
When users use these packages to generate the files, showing not available.
Troubleshoot done:

  1. We looked at Linux level and these packages shows installed successfully
  2. X11 shows installed and accessible at unix level for other applications
  3. when we run capabilities within R, shows that above mentioned 4 packages plus X11 as false (means not available)
  4. We re-installed the above 4 packages again ; but dont see any difference.

Please give us a bit more details:

  1. Which Linux distribution do you use? How did you install R?
  2. How did you checked "at Linux level" that these packages are installed?
  3. What is the output in R of capabilities()?
  4. What is the output in R of install.packages("png") (to use one example)?

thanks i will check the info with the team and will get back to you on this

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