Jobs window is now truncating output?

Recently upgraded to Rstudio Server 2022.12.0 353.

I just noticed that the output of a job in the jobs pane no longer saves/shows the entire output, but only the most recent so many lines. I am used to running things as jobs often just to see/save this output, now it isn't there. Any way to get old behavior back?

Nobody? Also noticed now that if there is a lot of output, it just stops showing it completely and says "buffering next 5000 lines" or something. So seriously, is there a way to get back the ability to see the job output? (All of it, all the time.)

You might want to see Displaying more than 1000 lines in the R Studio console? - #3 by nirgrahamuk.

Yeah, not helpful. I just want the old behavior back.

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