job-auncher configuration

I have configured the job-launcher as local:
after configured rserver.conf and launcher.conf, it is getting failed while run the below command:
$ rstudio-server verify-installation --verify-user=user (where user is our admin user)

Checking Job Launcher configuration...

Ensuring server-user is a Job Launcher admin...

22 Oct 2019 02:06:38 [rserver] ERROR Cannot connect to the Job Launcher service; LOGGED FROM: rstudio::server::session_proxy::overlay::{anonymous}::ensureServerUserIsLauncherAdmin()::__lambda2 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/IDE_pro-pipeline_v1.2/src/cpp/server/JobLauncherVerification.cpp:157

22 Oct 2019 02:06:38 [rserver] ERROR system error 111 (Connection refused); OCCURRED AT: void rstudio::core::http::TcpIpAsyncConnector::handleConnect(const rstudio_boost::system::error_code&, rstudio_boost::asio::ip::basic_resolver<rstudio_boost::asio::ip::tcp>::iterator) /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/IDE_pro-pipeline_v1.2/src/cpp/core/include/core/http/TcpIpAsyncConnector.hpp:197; LOGGED FROM: int main(int, char* const*) /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/IDE_pro-pipeline_v1.2/src/cpp/server/ServerMain.cpp:578


note: Rstudio service and job launcher services are started successfully, but when I launch rstudio-pro url in browser it is saying "unable to connect to service"

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