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Authors: Matthew Kumar (Bayer)
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Abstract: Recreating a Jepoardy! game board using the reactable package and css in Quarto

Full Description:

This table attempts to faithfully recreate a Jeopardy! game board using the reactable package and css in Quarto. It makes use of meta data collected from individual Jeopardy! games, which is accessed using the whatr package.

My aims for this project were three-fold:

  1. To think about creative uses of tables! I'm not a particular fan of Jeopardy!, but this stood out when I was trying to think of things that are tabular/rectangle in nature.

  2. Learn how to use some of reactable's custom rendering capabilities

  3. Continue to investigate how css and Quarto play together and separately.

It was a lot of fun on all 3 fronts! This work can be easily extended to include your own Jeopardy! style clues and questions.


Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: Jeopardy!
Code: GitHub - mattkumar/jeopardy-game-contest
Cloud project:
Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
Industries: .
Other packages: reactable


I particularly like how close you managed to make it to an original Jeopardy board. Your very clean and easy to read code, integration with whatr package, all so great!

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