It sounds like RStudio might be frozen or stuck, and now I lose some of my files.

I was thinking there should be an automatic save feature, but it didnot. How can I ensure my codes are automatically saved every time I'm coding?

It does it automatically now. If you have a crash, Rstudio will reload with the code as it was before the crash.

Thank you, but unfortunately, the code didn't save automatically. After the crash, I couldn't find my code in the files as it didn't save. Is there any way, aside from using 'command + s,' to enable an automatic saving feature?

It's worth mentioning that I am working in R Markdown.

Oh yes, the Rmarkdown and Quarto environments are very different from the general environment. I don't know but I think you are correct. At least I do not see anything obvious.

You could submit a request to the developers.

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