Issues with R installation on Slackware 14.2 Operating System

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install R from source (Version R-3.5.0 and downloaded from: on Dell server (Dell precision T7600) with Slackware 14.2 operating system. I followed instructions for installing R from: R FAQ.

In terminal(bash), inside downloaded R source top directory, I executed configuration command as "./configure" and everything went well, except at the end it produces following warning:
"configure: WARNING: neither inconsolata.sty nor zi4.sty found: PDF vignettes and package manuals will not be rendered optimally"

To fix the above warning, I downloaded and installed inconsolata, but this didnt help to resolve above mentioned warning. So, I went ahead with installation and executed "make" and it completed successfully. To check the R build process, I ran "make check", which is giving couple of errors and fail messages as listed below:

Testing examples for package 'stats'
comparing 'stats-Ex.Rout' to '' ... NOTE
< assertCondition: caught "error"

assertCondition: caught 'error'

running code in 'internet.R' ...Makefile.common:102: recipe for target 'internet.Rout' failed
make[2]: *** [internet.Rout] Error 1
Makefile:66: recipe for target 'test-Internet' failed
make[1]: [test-Internet] Error 2 (ignored)

"expect failure or some differences if not in a Latin-1 or UTF-8 locale failed"
Fail 2:
"Makefile:66: recipe for target 'test-Internet' failed"

In test directory, it has generated a single file called "", this file indicates steps failed in R building process.

Please can you help me out to fix these issues (errors and fails messages) during R installation.

Thank you in advance.

Govindraj Chavan