Issues with opening files

I have issue opening my r files. I see blank documents

If you are trying to open files containing scripts, you can also open them with any plain text editor such as Notepad on Windows. If you do that, do you see any content?

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yes, I do see the content.

We need more information:

  • What kind of files are they? What are the extensions (e.g., .R, .txt, .rproj)?
  • How are you opening them? Are you using the toolbar at the top? Or are you clicking files in the file view pane?
  • Do you see any messages in pop-ups or printed to the console when you open a file?

Some system Information could be useful as well:

#### System Information:
- RStudio Edition: (Desktop or Server)
- RStudio Version: 
- OS Version: 
- R Version: 

#### Also:
<!-- Depending on your issue, the following may be useful /-->
<!-- If a section isn't relevant or you can't collect it just delete that section below /-->
- RStudio diagnostics report: <!--see /-->
- Your `sessionInfo()`:
- RStudio crash report: <!-- /-->
- RStudio application log files: <!-- /-->

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