Issues with New instances of R not rendering GUI elements

Neat trick, didn't even know that was possible, but seems kind of obvious now that I think about it...

Also, Console has:

in jquery.min.js (4, 22209) and jquery.min.js (4, 22208)

Running again without restarting the R environment yields no errors and everything behaves as expected.

Edit - Slight update... adding load(".Rdata") in global fixes the slider issue, which indicates my thought that there is some issue with what I am doing in the reactive framework that is causing the problem. This feels like a work around because I am using a prior instance of R to load defaults rather than the .Config file. I may be able to use the .RData as my configs file but then it wouldn't be editable by anyone who wasn't me. Also not certain how this would work once this is actually compiled.

The issue with ggplotly outputs not displaying is still around. No errors for js., shows that the widget is displaying but... no plot. Problem goes away when running a second time with the same instance.