Issues with adding curved line and arrow


I wanted to add a curved line with an arrow to my plot, to highlight a certain event. And I managed. The arrow and the line are where they are supposed to be.

However the line looks pixelated/ unsharp as does the arrow. Is there something wrong with the code I'm using? I've looked at several examples and tried both annotate() and geom_curve().

It's a shame, since the plot looks exactly like I wanted and is publications ready.

Code for my line/arrow is below as are the current plots.

plot +  annotate(
    "curve", x="feb 2020", y=175000, xend="mrt 2020", yend=200000,
    arrow= arrow(length= unit(0.2, "cm"), type = "closed" ), col="#535353", curvature=-0.4, size=1


plot + geom_curve( aes(x = "feb 2020", y = 175000, xend = "mrt 2020", yend = 200000),
                       arrow = arrow(length = unit(0.03, "npc")), size=1)


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