Issues viewing dataset created using `View()`

I am using RPro version 1.4.1106.5 (upgraded from 1.3) and have noticed issue with View() where it is not displaying anything in the source pane and stays blank (in Safari browser). But when used in Firefox, it displays message -

To protect your security, this site will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.

with option to open content in new tab. And in Google Chrome, the source pane says connection refused with no other message or options given.

The code I use is -

> library(RODBC)
> conn <- odbcConnect("myconn")
> some_data = sqlQuery(myconn, "select * from mydb.mytbl limit 10;")
> View(some_data)

Is there some option within browser that needs changing?

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