Issues Loading rstan, ggplot2, updating ellipses

Error Information:

Here's what I'm getting when I open up RStudio or try to update the 'ellipses' package

The same problem occurs when trying to load 'rstan' or 'ggplot2'

Description of issue -

Essentially when trying to load rstan or ggplot2, I get a repeating message about the ellipses package that says that it isn't updated to the right version. Every time I try to update the ellipses package, the same message appears. I get this same message when running as an admin.

I'm not sure if it has to do with permissions, or if it's downloaded to the wrong file and can't be found in my directory. But it shows up with the other files when downloading.

As a side note, I can't install new packages either or old ones I've removed. Tested this out with 'ggsoccer', and I was getting similar problems.

Steps taken so far -

  • Restarted Session
  • Deleted the lock on 'RcppArmadillo' package in the win-history file
  • Removed and reinstalled problematic packages
  • Tried 1&3 in Admin Session

System Information:

  • RStudio Edition: Desktop
  • RStudio Version: 1.3.1093
  • OS Version: Windows 10
  • R Version: 4.05

I can add logs if needed, but I'd need help on what exactly I'd need to do to get there

Please post the complete error message you get when you try to install the ellipsis package in a fresh R session (before loading anything else).


No matter what I do when I start up the session I get the repeating error message, before it even fully loads up my global environment.

Here's what happens when I try to remove the package and then uninstall:

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