Issues in calculating travel time matrix with otp_traveltime (Open trip planner package) in R

I'm new with open trip planner package in r. I have been trying to calculate travel time distance matrix with otp_traveltime function but it seems I'm doing something wrong. This is the code I used:

ttm <- otp_traveltime(otpcon = otpcon,
                  path_data = path_data,
                  fromPlace = fromPlace,
                  toPlace = toPlace,
                  fromID = fromPlace$geo_code,
                  toID = toPlace$geo_code)

Apparently it works at the beginning as it took around 15 minutes for running but at the end I got this error: "Error in .subset2(x, i, exact = exact) : subscript out of bounds".

I don't know what it can means. To be sure the problem wasn't related to my data I also used as input data the one specified in this tutorial Advanced Features but nothing changed.

Do you have any idea of what could be the problem? I would really appreciate any help, thanks.

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