Issues connecting to BigQuery From Workbench

Our Posit Workbench is installed in a VM in GCP. I am trying to connect to BigQuery from Workbench but have not been successful so far. I was connecting via the following method:


con <- dbConnect(
  project = "my_project", 
  dataset = "my_dataset", 
  billing = "my_project" 

The connection works smoothly from my local RStudio IDE. But when it comes to Workbench, I keep getting the following error.

Error in `bq_post()`:
! Access Denied: Project my_project: User does not have permission in project
  gcp-gu-enterprise-dw-integ-prd. [accessDenied]
  1. ├─dbGetQuery(con, sql) %>% clean_names()
  2. ├─janitor::clean_names(.)
  3. ├─DBI::dbGetQuery(con, sql)
  4. └─DBI::dbGetQuery(con, sql)
  5.   └─DBI (local) .local(conn, statement, ...)
  6.     ├─DBI::dbSendQuery(conn, statement, ...)
  7.     └─bigrquery::dbSendQuery(conn, statement, ...)
  8.       └─bigrquery (local) .local(conn, statement, ...)
  9.         └─bigrquery:::BigQueryResult(...)
 10.           └─bigrquery::bq_perform_query(...)
 11.             └─bigrquery:::bq_post(url, body = bq_body(body, ...), query = list(fields = "jobReference"))
 12.               └─bigrquery:::process_request(req)
 13.                 └─bigrquery:::bq_check_response(...)
 14.                   └─bigrquery:::gargle_abort(...)
 15.                     └─cli::cli_abort(message, class = class, call = call) 
 16. └─rlang::abort(...) 

Would really appreciate your thoughts/ideas on this.

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