Issue with "Run All Chunks Above"

I have been using RMarkdown for few years now and I never had issue running all chunks above at once using the icon below:

All of a sudden, "Run All Chunks Above" doesn't work anymore and I need to run chunks individually from the beginning every time. Thankfully "Running Current Chunk" still works. Even "Run All" or any other option using below doesn't work anymore.

Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.


Can you share more on your RStudio IDE version ?
Does it happens which all type of document ? Or with a specific one ?

I am using the last version of RStudio and can't reproduce - it is working correctly for me.

Thanks @cderv! It started working again for me since yesterday. I am not sure why it stopped working earlier. I didn't make any changes either.

But thank you so much for trying!

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Sure! Thanks! I am not sure if this will still be considered solution though.

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